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Big news (hence the large type).  The submission deadline for the next issue has been extended to December 31, 2017.  You now have an additional four months to get your work submitted to Stone Walls II.  This is part of the revamping that the journal is undergoing. The other news is that the next issue will be released in April 2018.  We hope the added time will increase the number of submissions and continue to improve the quality of the journal.  Stay tuned to this site for information about where our Spring 2018 release event will take place.

The sixth and newest issue of the Journal is now in Hilltown stores near you.  See the left column of this page for locations where you can pick up a copy.   While you're there, please thank the good folks who run these local businesses  and who have continued to support our efforts.  If you can't make it to the store or you live out of the area, see below for how you can order the newest issue, back issues or become a subscriber. 

And don't forget to visit the "How to Submit" page for guidelines on how your work can appear in the next issue of Stone Walls II.  As always, thanks for your support. 

Stone Walls II is pleased to announce that we are now a 501(C)(3) organization under Federal tax law.  What does that mean to you?  Well, donations to Stone Walls  II are now qualified charitable contributions under Federal tax law, deductible from income to the extent permitted by tax law.  We have always been happy to accept donations and now we can sweeten the pot just a little for you.  If you would like to become a benefactor, email pat.kennedy@the-spa.com for details.  Thank you in advance.

Our editorial board is continuing to look for a new member.  Specifically, someone with a head for business to help us manage the day to day operations of the Journal.  We can't offer much (a free copy of the Journal), but it is a rewarding endeavor with a good group of people that have an awful lot of fun.  If you are interested or know someone who is, please send your inquiry to pat.kennedy@the-spa.com  Thank you in advance.  

Need some inspiration?  Copies of the original Stone Walls magazine (1975-91) are now available on Archive.org  See the "Stone Walls History" write-up in the left column of this page for more details on how to find and read these classics.  

And finally, thanks again for all of your support.  We couldn't do it without the wonderful talent of our Hilltown neighbors.  Spread the word.....           

Still want a copy of one of our four earlier issues??

Copies of all issues of Stone Walls II are still available.  

Single back Issue (as available)              $7.00 ($5.00 + $2.00 S/H)
Single Issue (our newest)                       $10.00 ($8.00 + $2.00 S/H) 
Five or more back issues                        $6.00/issue + corresp. S/H)
2-yr. Subscription (4 issues)                   $32.00 (we cover the S/H)

Copies of some of the earlier work from back issues can be found at the "Current and Back Issues" page of this site. 
To order go to pat.kennedy@the-spa.com and let us know what you would like or simply drop us a check made out to Stone Walls II with the appropriate amount and a note telling us what you would like and we'll get it out right away.  Our mailing address is:

Stone Walls II
P. O. Box 285
Worthington, MA 01098   

We are also now in many of your favorite local libraries and book stores in the area.  Check us out.  Thank you in advance for supporting the arts in the Hilltowns.




Our Mission           



Stone Walls II is a biannual journal dedicated to the history, culture and special character of the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, publishing essays, interviews, poems, fiction and visual arts.  The journal’s aim is to preserve the history and capture the spirit of life in these unique communities.

You can always reach us on this web site to see what's new.  If you want to reach us by mail please do at:

Stone Walls II
P. O. Box 285
Worthington, MA 01098

Or give us a call at 413-238-5556 or 413-238-0005



A great big thank you to Natalie Stafford of Worthington for the design of our Stone Walls II logo.  One more example of the beautiful art that comes out of the Hilltowns.  We also want to thank one of our Board members, Kate Ewald for the fantastic stone wall photos throughout the web page.  

Want to buy a copy of the Journal AND support a great local business?

It's easy - just visit one of these 12 great stores to pick up your copy today.

Broadside Books

Williamsburg Market

Becket General Store (the new store is now open just down the road from the old location...we're glad to have them back)

Moltenbrey's Market

Outlook Farm

Ashfield Hardware Store

Blandford Country Store

Goshen General Store

Bakers Country Store

The Old Creamery Co-op

Boswell's Books
Shelburne Falls

Please tell them we said Hi while you're there and, if they're out of the journal, let us know.  Thanks for supporting the businesses that support us.

Stone Walls History

Just as the early settlers of Western Massachusetts created beautiful stone walls as they cleared the fields around them, the founders of the first Stone Walls journal put together art, poetry and prose gleaned from the region to create a beautiful folk document. 

The origins of the original journal date to the early 1970's when Jerilee Cain began teaching a class about Hilltown folk artists at Gateway Regional High School.  The course was inspired by the Foxfire book series and eventually earned an Endowment for the Arts grant so that they could continue their work.  As it turned out, a student intern by the name of Ellie Lazarus was working with Ms. Cain in that class room. 

Fast-forward a few years when Ms. Lazarus and her friend Ida Jocelyn of Worthington began discussing the class.  In 1975 the germ of that idea was transformed into a regional journal designed to showcase the rural character and creativity around them.  Stone Walls was created and began with the humble distribution of a few copies and quickly grew to over 500 journals published quarterly with 200 regular subscribers.

The success of the journal contributed to its demise, as the cost in time and money to produce it became prohibitive.  The last issue hit the press in 1993 and it seemed Stone Walls would become a memory, like the people who built the walls that zigzag through the forests of the hill towns.  A group of people who fondly remember Stone Walls has proudly resurrected this valuable contribution to the folklore of Western Massachusetts.  We like to think that Ellie and Ida would approve.

If you would like to see copies of the original Stone Walls you can now find them at Archive.org 

On their Home Page go to the "Universal Access to Knowledge" search vehicle and type in "Stone Walls".  It will send you to links to every one of the original issues.

Our Advertising and Support Policy

We at Stonewalls II 
endeavor to make the Journal as cost effective as possible, while keeping advertising out of both the Journal and our web site.  But the Journal costs time and money.  We account for the time by having an all-volunteer Board, but have to rely on the sale of the Journal to cover the production costs.  You can help us to off-set the cost and keep us advertising-free with your kind donation.  And as of January 2016 we are a 501(C)(3) organization, meaning your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please email pat.kennedy@the-spa.com to find out how you can become a benefactor.  Your name (or an "anonymous" donation note) will appear in our Journal.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Who We Serve

Stone Walls II serves the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts.  We're located about halfway between the cities of Northampton and Pittsfield east to west and the states of Vermont and Connecticut north to south.  If you've never visited us before, it's worth the trip from anywhere.

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